Carrier Path after Graduation修了後の進路


博士前期課程修了後の就職先の主な分野は、電機・家電・総合(日立製作所、ソニー、キヤノン、東芝、シャープ、日本電気、パナソニック、他)、機械・精密系(キヤノン、カシオ、オリンパス、セイコーエプソン、日立建機、三菱重工業、ヤマハ、横河電機、京セラ、オリエンタルモータほか)、自動車系(トヨタ自動車、本田技研工業、日産自動車、デンソーほか)、情報・通信ネットワーク系(ヤフー、楽天、ドワンゴ、日本電信電話、 NTTドコモ、NTTデータ、NTTコムウェア、日本オラクル、セガ、任天堂、マイクロソフト他)、サービス・その他業種系(野村総合研究所、JR、東京ガス、中部電力、竹中工務店、サッポロビール、花王、P&G)、などです。


Students graduated from Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems Degree Programs are active in companies and research institutes in various fields.

The main areas of employment after completing the Master's program are:

  • Electric appliances, consumer electronics, general products (e.g., Hitachi, SONY, Canon, Toshiba, SHARP, NEC, and Panasonic)
  • Machinery and precision systems (e.g., Canon, CASIO, Olympus, Seiko Epson, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Yamaha, Yokogawa, KYOCERA, and Oriental motor)
  • Automotive industry (e.g., Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and DENSO)
  • Information and communication networks (e.g., Yahoo, Rakuten, Dwango, NTT, NTT DoCoMo, NTT data, NTT comware, Oracle, SEGA, Nintendo, and Microsoft)
  • Services and other industries (Nomura Research Institute, JR, Tokyo Gas, Chubu Electric Power, Takenaka, Sapporo beer, KAO, and P&G)

Students completing the Doctoral Program are mainly found at:

  • Private companies (e.g., Hitachi, Toshiba, SONY, NEX, Panasonic, Oriental motor, and Schlumberger)
  • National public and private universities (e.g., University of Tsukuba, National Defense Academy, Meisei University, Aichi Shukutoku University, National Institute of Technology, Sendai College, Gifu College, Toba College, and Kurume College), University of Essex (UK), and  The University of Da Nang / University of Technology)
  • National Research Institutions and Independent Administrative Institutions (e.g., AIST, National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Institute of Informatics, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization and Tokyo Metropolitan Government.