Greetings from the Program Chairプログラムリーダー挨拶


相山 康道

Appreciated students,

The Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems emerges in order to create the engineering systems necessary for people to live a safe, comfortable, and fulfilling life. Our program aims to form talented professionals motivated to boldly engage in cutting-edge R&D, meeting the requirements of our rapidly changing society. Details of the program are explained on the educational program brochure; however, I want to list here two major features of our curriculum:

I: Interdisciplinarity

The research areas of our program cover human, computer, machine, sensor and communication fields. In addition, joint research with different faculties such as medicine, physical education and arts is also available. Our faculty members are continuously conducting cutting-edge research activities in these fields, creating an interdisciplinary network where students are encouraged to think “out of the box”. We believe this rich environment helps students to form critical thinking and also teach them about having a broad view when addressing a research question.

II: Fulfilling educational system

Our program had been welcoming several students from outside the University of Tsukuba with an ample variety of educational backgrounds. Our curriculum has been developed to offer these diverse students the support and guidance necessary to allow them to acquire the basic skills and knowledge required to perform outstanding research. Guidance is always provided by multiple faculty members.

We strongly believe our program is a unique opportunity to contribute to our world with exceptional cutting-edge research. Let’s imagine the future and change it together.

The Degree Programs leader in Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems
AIYAMA Yasumichi