Early Graduation早期修了制度


  1. 履修のための案内(PDFファイル)[2020/12更新]
  2. 達成度自己点検シート記載例(PDFファイル)[2020/10更新]
  3. 業績リスト記載例(PDFファイル)[2016/5更新]
  4. 達成度自己点検シート(excelファイル)[2020/10更新]



博士前期課程において特に秀でた研究成果をあげ,かつ優秀な成績をもって修了要件を満たした学生に対して,博士後期課程へ進学する場合に限り,1年間短縮しての早期修了を実施しています。この場合,通常の博士前期課程と同一の修了要件となります。 博士後期課程においても優れた研究業績があれば,1年以上の在籍で早期修了することが可能です。なお,博士前期課程を1年で早期修了し,博士後期課程でも早期修了する場合は,2年以上の在籍が必要となります。

Early Completion Doctoral Program for Working People

We are implementing a curriculum that offers the possibility to obtain a Doctoral degree in a short term. Our early completion program has established an efficient and systematic course work on research guidance and thesis preparation in order to provide the opportunity to society members with a certain level of research achievements to obtain a Doctoral Degree in a minimum of one year. A performance evaluation system that evaluates whether a candidate has reached a level appropriate for a Doctoral degree will be done in three stages: an admission examination, an intermediate examination (within 4 months after admission) and a preliminary examination (within 8 months after admission). Support from excellent researchers and highly specialized professionals will be provided aiming to generate an outstanding next generation of researchers in Japan.

  1. Guidelines [ver. Sep. 2019]
  2. Example of performance evaluation sheet [ver. May 2o14]
  3. Example of research achievement list[ver. May 2016]
  4. Performance evaluation sheet[ver. May 2014]

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Early completion of general students

Students who have achieved outstanding research results in the Master's program, who have completed the course with excellent grades, and who proceeds to the Doctoral program of IMIS, have the opportunity to shorten the Master's program by one year. The achievements required to complete the program are the same as those for the regular Master's program.
Students showing outstanding achievements during the Doctoral program are offered the possibility to complete their studies at least one year. A student who complete the Master’s course early and show eligibility to complete his/her Doctoral course early must be enrolled for at least two years in the Doctoral program.